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房主的钥匙更多 财务灵活性

A HELOC is a smart way to access the equity in your home to help you reach your financial goals.

利用你的HELOC来帮助处理大大小小的项目和费用. 可能性是无限的. 重新装修你的厨房或浴室,或者为你的家添置新的东西. You can also use your equity to pay off higher interest rate debt or cover unexpected expenses as they arise.

与变量, 你借的钱只付利息, 以及将全部或部分余额锁定为固定利率的选项2, a HELOC offers both flexibility and security for when you need it most.


It’s easy to get started and it only takes a few minutes to see if you pre-qualify.



Variable rate with the option to lock in a portion of your balance at a fixed rate2


检查您的个性化费率 而且条款对你的信用没有影响3








Get cash for what you need and use your available funds for up to 10 years

只付利息的HELOC 利率

保存0.50% off your rate when you set up automatic payments and recurring deposits.4



$10,000-$500,000 高达90 9.00% to 11.75%

房屋净值 计算器


Calculations provided are for demonstration purposes only and do not guarantee credit approval for the rate and terms displayed.


  • A HELOC is a revolving line of credit that allows you to borrow against your home’s equity to access cash as you need it. HELOC, you have a specific amount that you can borrow from – this amount is your line of credit. In addition to choosing the amount you need to borrow (up to your maximum approved limit), 你也可以决定什么时候借,借多少次, 使这种贷款类型更灵活地满足您的财务需求. 另外,你只需要为你借的钱支付利息.

    在大多数情况下, we can offer financing for up to 90% of your home’s value – which includes your first mortgage (if any) and your new HELOC. 例如, 如果你的财产价值800美元,你还欠500美元,你的第一笔抵押贷款, 你可能有资格获得最高220美元的HELOC,000. ($800,000 x 90% = $720,000. $720,000 – $500,000 = $220,000.) Keep in mind this depends on several other factors such as your loan approval, 信用记录及收入. 我们建议 首先检查您的价格以预审资格.

    No. 我们很荣幸不收取申请费, 不收取提前结案费, 没有年费, 在250美元以下的队伍中不收结案费,000.5

    你可以从贷款中扣除利息. 我们建议您咨询您的税务顾问.

    很容易使用HELOC来满足您的财务需求. 选择对你方便的方式:

    1. 开门取款
    2. 通过身体检查
    3. 在线 – transfer money from your HELOC into your checking or savings account anytime

    At this time, Patelco does not offer HELOCs for rental properties – only for primary residences. However, if you need to access cash for specific needs, you may want to explore our 个人贷款


Our 首页 Loan Consultants are specialized in providing home loan expertise and advice. 不确定HELOC是否适合你? They’ll help you find the right option for your short-and long-term goals. 今天就安排一次免费咨询.

Planning a home renovation project or thinking of adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property? Use your home’s future value and gain more borrowing power for your construction project with a renovation loan. 联系住房贷款顾问开始.
找一个顾问 梦想它,创造它
预先获得资格并检查您的费率, 条款和付款信息-不影响您的信用3

1 房屋净值 loans and lines of credit are available on California primary residences only. 9.4月00% (annual percentage rate) and other terms shown are accurate as of 05/10/2024 and apply to a HELOC for the most qualified applicant at CLTV up to 80%. 并不是所有的申请人都有资格享受最低利率. 费率因物业价值而异, 行量等因素, 第二套或度假屋的价格会有所不同. The minimum periodic payment is interest-only for the first ten years (“draw period”) followed by fully-amortizing payments to repay the balance over the final fifteen years. 在还款期间,恕不提款. 付款和利率可以按月调整. 如果利率上升,支付金额也会增加. 在抽签期结束时, your required monthly payments will increase because you will be paying both principal and interest. 汇率是用指数加保证金计算的. The index used is the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal Western Edition on the last business day of the month prior to the change. 当前质数指数是8.50%. 最低利率是3%. 最高利率为17%.

2 费率和付款是基于Prime加上保证金. 对Prime的更改将导致费率和付款的更改. 贷款结束后, you have the option to lock in a portion or all of your existing equity balance on your new Patelco 房屋净值 Line of 信贷 into a fixed rate at 10 or 15 years. 费率可能会有所不同,并可能发生变化. You may only have one fixed-rate option on either all or a portion of your balance at a time. Your fixed rate balance will reduce the amount of available credit for future draws on your equity line. Any future draws will be at the variable rate and payment in effect on your loan at the time of the draw. You will receive a separate statement and make separate principal and interest payments for the fixed-rate portion of your balance. 固定利率期权的最长期限为15年. 可能会有其他限制.

3 Patelco runs a “soft” credit pull to determine which pre-qualification offer you qualify for. 这不会影响你的信用评分. 如果您选择继续进行贷款申请, Patelco will request your full 信用报告 from one or more 信用报告ing agencies. 这将是一个“硬”拉,可能会影响你的信用. 如果有必要的话, 我们也可能与第三方分享您的某些信息, 比如我们的保险公司, 处理您的要求.

4 0.贷款资金后可获得50%的HELOC利率折扣. Meet and maintain ongoing discount eligibility with set up of automatic loan payments and monthly recurring deposits of $500 into a Patelco account. 附加条件可能适用. 请向房屋贷款顾问咨询更多细节.

5 最低信用额度为1万美元,最高为50万美元. 帕特尔科信用合作社 will pay customary closing costs on lines up to $250,000(不包括ADU房屋净值信贷额度). 如果您的帐户是在“无结算成本”贷款计划下开立的, there will be no lender fee and no charge for customary closing costs including: 汽车mated Valuation Model (AVM) to determine property value, 出借人产权保险, 快递, 点, 线的费用, 公证, 托管费用, Patelco文件的记录, 洪水认证, 信用报告, 贷款发放, 或者是税务服务. Only these fees listed will be paid by 帕特尔科信用合作社 if the stated services are conducted through our preferred service providers. 如果不符合“无交割成本”计划的条件, 包括使用与该计划相关的服务提供商, then you will be responsible for any associated closing fees which will not be paid by 帕特尔科信用合作社. “无交割成本”计划不包括特别项目, including but not limited to the following: residential real estate appraisals, 同一贷款交易的附加信用报告, 授予契约和任何相关的公证费或记录费, 错过评估预约或“差旅费”, 太阳能提升或终止, 以及因本帐户而关闭另一个帐户的任何费用. 借款人负责超过25万美元的成交费用. 成交费用从0美元到2500美元不等. 此报价不包括托管或录音费用, 或因所有权变更而产生的额外公证费, 授予或公证任命.

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