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Pure Secured Mastercard® Credit Card

Establish or re-build your credit. Plus, save with no annual fee and a low rate.

Safely build your credit

This card is for you if you’re looking to establish or re-build your credit.

How it works

  • You provide a refundable security deposit when you apply.
  • Once you’re approved, your credit line will equal the amount you deposit.
  • Start using your card and paying it off responsibly and you’ll see a change on your credit report.

You’ll also benefit from no annual, balance transfer, over-the-limit, or returned payment fees. Get started today and apply now.

Guide to Benefits

Terms & Conditions


Competitive Low Rate

One low rate of 11.45% APR1


Set up alerts, view your account activity, and even lock or unlock your card in Patelco Online™

Mastercard® ID Theft Protection

No-cost personal information protection with your Mastercard debit or credit card — learn more here

Zero Liability Protection

Additional protection should someone make unauthorized purchases with your card — learn more here


Load it into your phone’s digital wallet, set it as your preferred online payment option or insert it when you’re out shopping – you have the flexibility to use your card the way you choose

Credit Card Rates

Rates Effective 09/26/2023

Card TypeAmountAPR Range1
18308Credit Cards-Pure-Secured MastercardPure Secured Mastercard®$300 - $10,00011.45%126/09/2023$10,000
18300Credit Cards-Progress Student Rewards MastercardProgress Student Rewards Mastercard®$300 - $5,00013.40% to 21.90%426/09/2023$50,000
18284Credit Cards-Points Rewards World MastercardPoints Rewards World Mastercard®$300 - $50,00013.40% to 21.90%326/09/2023
17972Credit Cards-Pure MastercardPure Mastercard®$300 - $50,00011.75% to 18.95%226/09/2023$90,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On credit cards, the interest rate and APR are the same thing.
    Some financial products have a different interest rate and APR (annual percentage rate). That’s because the interest rate is the rate to borrow the money itself; it’s based on market rates and your individual credit score. The APR, on the other hand, includes other fees and costs that are also part of the loan; it’s decided by the lender. You can think of the interest rate as a way of determining your monthly costs, and the APR as a way to determine the entire cost of the loan. Federal law requires that lenders like us tell you the APR in every consumer loan agreement.

    A primary advantage of credit cards is that they allow you to make larger purchases that you may not have the cash for right now – such as an appliance or an unexpected car Another advantage of credit cards is that they are an easy way to build your credit history and (when used properly) increase your credit score. Having an established credit history and a good credit score can help you get a better loan later for buying a car or a house.

    We calculate your monthly charges based on your balance and your annual percentage rate (APR). If you pay your card off in full each month, you won’t be charged interest.
    If you don’t pay your card off in full each month, you will be charged interest. Even though your APR is a percentage expressed in terms of a year, it is also used to calculate charges for a single month.
    When you carry a balance and don’t pay off your card in full, you’ll be charged interest based on the annual rate but calculated in terms of how long you’ve carried that balance.

    The Pure Secured Mastercard is great if you’re looking establish or re-build your credit. If you’d like help deciding, meet with someone in our Virtual Branch. They are available for immediate service and appointments during business hours.

    You will need to be at least 18 years of age, have a Social Security number, US address and US saving or checking account, and provide all the required information in the online application.

    If you pay your balance in full and close your credit card account, we’ll refund your security deposit. This might take a billing cycle or two to process.

Get started now

The Patelco Pure Secured Mastercard Credit Card gives you a convenient and secure way to pay.

1 APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Variable APR as of 09/26/2023. Rate adjusts monthly and equals prime rate for previous month plus a margin range based on credit worthiness. Applies to Purchases and Balance Transfers.


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