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Manage your debit or credit card with ease

Patelco Online™ keeps it simple and secure and is available 24/7. You can:

  • Check balances
  • Make a payment
  • Transfer funds
  • Easily view and redeem rewards
  • File a claim or dispute a charge
  • Set up alerts
  • Notify us if you are traveling
  • Request a balance transfer
  • Report a lost or stolen card

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Contactless Cards

Credit and debit cards with contactless technology offer a secure, fast and easy way for you to pay for a purchase. It’s simple – just tap and go!   非接触式支付使用近距离接近技术在非接触式卡和非接触式结账终端之间安全地完成支付. 当你在结账终端轻敲非接触式卡时,你的付款就会被发送给授权,就像你刷卡或在终端插入芯片一样.

Common questions about contactless cards

  • 查找卡上的非接触式符号,以了解您的卡是否具有非接触式支付技术.

    Quick. 非接触式支付在你需要随时支付的地方使用起来既快捷又方便. Simple. 非接触式支付很容易,因为你所要做的就是在结账终端上轻敲你的卡. Safe. 非接触式支付是安全的,因为每笔交易都有一个一次性的安全码来保护你的支付信息. Plus, the card stays in your possession.

    Yes. If you don’t see the Contactless Symbol, 您仍然可以在支付终端使用非接触式卡,只需先插入卡芯片或刷磁条即可.

    Yes. Paying with your contactless card is safe and secure.

    • Just like with a chip card, 每笔交易使用一次性安全码,安全保护您的支付信息.
    • 你不会在意外情况下付款——你的卡必须在离终端机1-2英寸的范围内才能进行交易(而且你不会被收取两次账单), even if you accidentally tap twice)

    当您的卡即将到期时,我们会自动寄给您一张新的非接触式卡. If you want to get a new card outside of this timeframe, 您可以通过访问我们的分支机构或与我们联系来申请更换卡.

Manage your card within the Mobile App

Learn how to activate your card, lock it if you lose it, 通知我们,如果你是旅行和更多的这些方便的卡管理功能.

Shop securely and conveniently with your Patelco card in your digital wallet

将您的Patelco信用卡和借记卡添加到您选择的数字钱包:Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Then, you can pay for things simply by using your phone.

Common Digital Wallet questions 

Dispute a card transaction

If you see a charge you don’t recognize or have an issue with a purchase, you can submit a credit, debit, ATM, or HSA card dispute or claim within 60 days of the date it appears on your statement.

Many times, disputed charges are legitimate purchases that you may not recognize or remember, 因此,我们建议您在提出索赔之前查看您最近的收据或在线购物电子邮件.

提交卡片争议的最简单和最快的方法是Patelco Online™或Patelco移动应用程序. After you log in, tap or click the account with the transaction, tap or click to select the transaction, and then select Dispute. We encourage you to file online, but you can also contact us.

Common Dispute questions

    We take every effort to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. Some investigations may take up to 90 days.

    我们将通过您喜欢的方式与您沟通:电子邮件、安全信息或邮政邮件. Once you submit your claim, we’ll send you an acknowledgement that we received it. If any questions come up or if we need additional information, we’ll contact you. We’ll notify you of the outcome once the investigation is complete.

    Log in to Patelco Online™, go to your specific account with the transaction, select the transaction, and then select the option to cancel the dispute. You can also contact us.

    Please contact us to: check the status of your claim, submit any additional documentation, or inquire about a transaction that is not showing in online banking.

Onetime passcodes

We’ve added a new layer of security to our credit and debit cards, especially useful for cardholders shopping online. For certain transactions, 一次性密码发送到您的手机将帮助我们确保您的交易属于您.

Here’s how it works在某些网上交易过程中,当我们的系统检测到需要额外的安全性时,会弹出密码请求. If you receive a request, check your mobile phone for a text containing the passcode, then enter it where prompted online. If you don’t enter the correct passcode, your transaction will not go through.

Onetime passcodes will not apply to most transactions, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a request. If you do see one, 请放心,这个额外的认证步骤只是一个迹象,表明我们的安全措施正在努力保持您的帐户安全. Check out onetime passcode terms and details to learn more.

如果您在要求一次性密码的交易中遇到困难, contact us directly at 800.358.8228 for help.

Travel notification and support 

Reduce the risk of card fraud by letting us know when you travel. 

When you’re traveling outside of your home state or country:

  • Make sure your contact information is up to date on Patelco Online™, or by calling us at 800.358.8228 or visiting a local branch.
  • The easiest way to notify us is in Patelco Online™. Log in, then hover over Card Services in the main menu, and then go to Card Management to set a Travel Notice for each card on your account.

How to request a balance transfer

用Patelco卡偿还高利率信用卡是一种简单的方法,可以将你的债务整合到一个可管理的支付中. Plus, there are no additional charges to request a transfer and the process is easy.

To request a balance transfer:

  1. Log in to Patelco Online™
  2. From the main menu, hover over Card Services
  3. Select Balance Transfer
  4. Answer a few questions and then select Submit

Tip: Have your credit card account number and the payment address handy.

You can review the status of your transfer by selecting Card Services from the main menu, then Balance Transfers, and then View Submitted Forms.

Patelco Rewards

How it works

  1. Open a rewards-eligible Patelco credit card.
  2. For eligible cards, enrollment in Patelco Rewards is automatic.
  3. Accrue points with your purchases. Some cards even offer double points on certain purchases.
  4. Redeem your Patelco Rewards Points through Patelco Online™.

How to redeem your Patelco Rewards Points

  • 积分可以用于旅游,商品,礼品卡或现金信用到您的帐户
  • Points convert to cash at a value of $.01 per point.
  • Points never expire.

See your current rewards options at Patelco Online™. When you log in, go to the Card Services menu, and select Rewards to access your rewards account.

Common Patelco Rewards questions 

    Cash back to your Patelco checking or savings account, statement credit, travel (including flights, rental cars, activities, hotels & activities), merchandise and gift cards to major retailers. 奖励目录会随着新的优惠和季节性促销而定期变化,所以请经常查看!

    If you have a question about your Patelco Rewards, or you want to redeem your Patelco Rewards over the phone, you can call us at 800.358.8228, extension 1303, to be connected with the Rewards center.

Overview of Mastercard ® Benefits

Your Patelco Mastercard ® debit or credit card automatically comes with great benefits.

BENEFITS Pure Mastercard ® Progress Student
Rewards Mastercard ®
Progress Student
Rewards Mastercard ®
Safety and Security
Zero Liability Protection
Mastercard ® ID
Theft Protection
Emergency Services
Emergency Cash Advance
Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
Access & Lifestyle Benefits
Priceless Cities
Cellphone Protection 1    
Golf Privileges
ShopRunner Membership    
Travel Benefits
Online Booking Tool
Airport Concierge
Onefinestay Discount    
Personal Travel Advisor
Luxury Hotel & Resorts Program
Travel Accident Insurance**    

Mastercard® Benefits in Detail

Safety and Security

Zero Liability Protection: 当你使用万事达卡时,你不必担心,因为它有零责任保护, whether you pay in-store, online, or over the phone. As a Mastercard cardholder, 如果有人用你的卡进行未经授权的购物,你不负责. Certain conditions and exceptions apply1.

Mastercard ID Theft Protection: Detects and helps quickly resolve ID theft events at no extra cost. 从在互联网上搜索你的个人信息是否被出售,到帮助你在信用评级机构面前澄清自己的清白, we are there for you 24/7. Simply visit or call 800.MASTERCARD.

Emergency Services

Mastercard Global Service: Provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week member service assistance with Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, and Emergency Cash Advances, as well as assistance with locating ATMs.

Access and Lifestyle Benefits

Priceless® Cities: 在世界上一些最令人兴奋的城市获得独一无二的体验和优惠.

Golf Privileges: Access to private clubs, savings on public courses and resorts, preferred pricing, 全国TOURAcademy®课程的独家课程和优先预订机会.

ShopRunner: As a member with a Mastercard® World or World Elite credit card, 当您注册时,您将在140多个不同的商店获得免费2天送货和免费退货

Travel Benefits

Online Booking Tool: Discover a convenient way to book hotels, flights, and car rentals online.

Airport Concierge: Arrange for a personal, dedicated Meet and Greet agent to escort you through the airport on departure, arrival, or any connecting flights, 24/7/365 at over 450 destinations worldwide.

onefinestay: Enjoy 10% off bookings using using promo code MC10 on onefinestay, which offers vacation homes with hotel-like amenities at

Personal Travel Advisor: Experienced travel advisors assist with detailed travel plans, recommendations, and access to high quality, high value vacation choices around the world.

Luxury Hotel and Resorts Program: 享受完美的住宿,从一个独特的收集卓越的酒店和度假村的房间升级, late check–out**, complimentary breakfast for 2 daily**, exclusive amenities**, and more.

Cruise Program*:乘坐全球豪华游轮,享受世界各地的优惠和节省, mega-yachts and boutique river vessels.

Common questions about your Patelco Debit Mastercard® or Patelco Mastercard® credit card

1 As a Mastercard cardholder, you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if: (1) you have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and (2) you have promptly reported to your financial institution when you knew that your Mastercard was lost or stolen.

如果您认为您的帐户有未经授权的使用,并且您符合上述条件, rest easy knowing you’re protected by Zero Liability. 零责任不适用于以下万事达支付卡:商业卡, unregistered prepaid cards or gift cards.

如果您对零责任保险有疑问或怀疑您的卡被未经授权使用, contact your financial institution IMMEDIATELY.


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